Fake News Press Release

New Anthology, FAKE NEWS, Explores 13 Conspiracies in Short Story Format
Timely release as Americans are often forced to divine what is true and what is a lie

October 19, 2020 – Wilmington, NC – In the new anthology of short stories, FAKE NEWS, 13 authors each explore a different conspiracy theory, telling their tale as though the conspiracy had actually occurred. Available today as an eBook and shortly in hard copy, the book is published by Old Sins Publishing and compiled and edited by author Joseph Cadotte.

“Was there was a second shooter on the grassy knoll? Are ancient aliens possessing you? What happens at Area 51? I wanted to explore all these ideas,” said Cadotte. “So I gathered some of my favorite contemporary authors and asked them if they had a story idea that may contain an alternate set of facts.”

The result is a combination of alternate history, fringe history, cults, and urban legends. In the baker’s dozen of stories within FAKE NEWS, writers explore the ramifications of conspiracies that never actually happened, and create some new ones along the way.

With the current uptick of interest in what is and isn’t accurate, and the swirl of propaganda, rumor, and misunderstanding bedeviling our understanding of events, this is the perfect time to create an anthology examining conspiracies both past and present.

The FAKE NEWS paperback will be available to order at your favorite bookstore, either in-person or online. The ebook is available on Amazon’s Kindle store, Apple’s Book store, Barnes and Noble’s Nook store, and many other sites.

About Old Sins Publishing:

Old Sins, based in Wilmington, NC with offices in Knoxville, TN, is a governed publishing cooperative focused on genre fiction. Creative couple Joseph Cadotte and Cordelia Norris started Old Sins in 2010. The name is inspired by the old proverb, “Old sins cast long shadows.” Subsequent works follow that theme. Author and illustrator Elizabeth Kidder joined the team, enabling the firm to publish A Soft Murder, followed by In the Land of Nod, ColorBlind, and Job, Herself, as well as two anthologies and two educational coloring books, Hatchlings and All Along the Atlantic. More information can be found at www.oldsins.com.


Ann Revell-Pechar